Web Page Tools

The following tools were created to help optimize web pages for high rankings in search engines.
Web Page Validation (W3C)
Link Validation
CSS Validation
Title & Meta Tag Generator
Keyword Suggestion Tool
Keyword Placement
Website Popularity
Advertise on Similar Sites
Major Search Engines
Free Search Engine Submission
Web Page Validation (W3C) This checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards. This is a good tool to help determine if your web page was written correctly.

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Link Validation This will check all the links on the page and verify if they exist or not. Please use the following link to access the form.


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CSS Validation This is a CSS validator for Cascading Style Sheets, level 2.

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Title & Meta Tags The following tool will examine the title and meta tags of your web page and suggest which meta tags to use based on the content of your page.

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Keyword Suggestion Tool This tool will help you refine your keywords. It shows related searches that include your term and how many times that term was searched for last month.

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Keyword Placement (google.com) Search for a keyword or phrase to see how close to the top your web page is located. Search for your web page address to see if you are listed on google.

Normal Search

Exact Phrase

Numbered Results

Note: An automated program should not be used to find your rankings on search engines. Search engine may ban your website for spamming. back to top
Website Popularity (google.com) Displays who is linking to your web page. If a large amount of sites are linking to your web page it can improve your ranking in google. This tool can also be used to see who is linking to your competitors. This can help determine which competitor is most successful and how they are getting links back to their site.

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(google.com) Locate sites with similar topics to add your web page too. Do not add your link to any web page that will take it as this can hurt your rankings in google. Instead make sure a site is popular before you add your link. You can view web pages rankings on google by downloading the google toolbar and watching the page rank . If a site has a page rank above 4 you are safe to add your page.

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Major Search Engines See if you listed on the major search engines. You can search for your web page to see if your listed (ex. www.yourdomain.com). You may also search for a keyword to find how close to the top you are listed for that topic.


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Free Search Engine Submission It is better to submit your website by hand to each search engine than to use a program to do it for you. A program that claims to submit your web page automatically can not always be accurate because search engines are constantly changing there process for submission. Below is a list of the most popular search engines and links to their submission pages.

Major Engines
Ah-Ha - Submit root only
Altavista - Do not submit more than 5 per day.
Google - Submit root only, never re-submit.
Yahoo - Submit root only. Fast - Submit root only
GigaBlast - Do not submit more than 1 per day.
MSN- Do not submit more than 1 per day.
Rex - Submit root only.
Splat - Submit root only
DMOZ - Begin by choosing category.
GoGuides - Instructions
JoeAnt - Instructions
More - Directories in Google.

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